Perspective Taking Activities | Making Social Decisions | Fact Fiction Prediction

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These fun perspective taking activities will help children learn the skills needed to distinguish the difference between Fact, Fiction, and Prediction, specifically, how it relates to social situations and decision making.


The activities will teach your students why it is important to understand these concepts when developing and maintaining social relationships.


My students love doing these activities, I hope yours do too!


Included Please Find:   50 Pages


  • Cover Page
  • Discussion/Suggestions For Use
  • Thank You
  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {free, weekly, social skills resources}


Visual Supports:

 3 Visuals For Definitions of, Fact, Fiction, Prediction


Activity 1: For 1st-3rd Grade

 10 Full Page Written Scenario Cards


Activity 2: For 3rd-5th Grade

 10 Full Page Picture Scenario Cards


Activity 3: For 1st-5th Grade

 10 Fact, Fiction, and Prediction Worksheets


Comprehension Check Sheets:

 1 For 1st-3rd Grade

1 For 3rd-5th Grade




1 Make Your Own Scenario Card

 1 Fact, Fiction, Prediction Worksheet



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