Visual Supports Activity Pack | Visual Support Posters And Activities

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Most students benefit from visual supports to learn better. For students with special needs, visual supports are essential. This pack contains a set of visuals that I use frequently. I hope you find them helpful too!

The visuals in this pack will help you to teach and support your students in a wide variety of subjects.


The resources in my 'activity packs' can be done in any order you choose, according to your students needs and interests. They are quick and easy to use and do not require a lot of prep.



Who Can These Resources Be Used With?


  • Students with special needs who require explicit instruction in social skills
  • Regular education students who need a boost in social skills
  • Social Skills groups
  • Friendship groups




Included In This Pack: 66 Pages


•No Blurting Visuals

•SLANT Visuals

•Conversational Turn Taking Poster

•Emoji Emotions Posters

•Body Language Poster

•Glitch Poster

•Notice Others Poster

•Expected/Unexpected Visual

•Link Poster

•No Nose Picking Posters

•Sharing Posters

•Personal Space Visual

•Try 3 Then Me

•BEB Visuals

•Point Your Eyes

•Problem Scales


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