Appropriate Behaviors While Video Conferencing | ZOOM or Google Meet Cue Cards

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Our students are learning how to do school at home.  With that, comes video conferencing. 

For a better experience, students with special needs will likely require explicit teaching to fully understand and engage in appropriate behaviors while video conferencing.

Included in this set are the 10 behaviors that I think are most important while video conferencing. 

Share the pages on your screen and discuss/role play each with your student(s).


Included Please Find:  15 Pages


10 Appropriate Behavior Cue Cards


> Look at computer screen

> Sit at a desk or table

> Be Still while on camera

> Listen to others speaking

> Think about what others are saying

> Be Quiet when others are talking

> Wait for your turn

> Go To The Bathroom ahead of time

> Use Self Control to stay calm and focused

> Respond to others who are talking to you

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