'Getting To Know You' Activity Pack

  • $3.99

It’s important for students to get to know each other. Many students with special needs do not know how or see the importance of getting to know their peers. When kids know what their peers like and dislike and information about their families and traditions, it helps to promote conversations, getting along and tolerance.


The activities in this pack will help you to teach and support your students in how to get to know others and to understand why it is important.


These activities can be done in any order you choose, according to your students needs and interests.


Included Activities: 60 Pages


•Getting To Know You Poster Set

•This… Or That? Activity

•Chit-Chat Cards

•Getting To Know You Prompt Cards

•Getting To Know You Board Game

•Getting To Know You Games/Activities

•Four Corners Activity

•Getting To Know You BINGO

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