I Can Wash My Hands Like A Superhero! | Social Skills Story and Activities

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Hand washing has always been an important skill to teach elementary school children. Now, it's even more important.

Teach your students why, when and how to wash their hands properly with this explicit social skills story.

The story includes a coloring book companion and 2 skill builders to help your students generalize the skills taught in the story.

I hope you find this hand washing resource helpful!


Included Please Find:  27 Pages


  • Social Skills Story: Great For The Classroom
  • Coloring Book Companion: Great To Send Home To Support Generalization
  • Skill Builder 1: Poster With Steps To Hand Washing {in 3 varieties}
  • Skill Builder 2: Comprehension Worksheet



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  • Clip Art
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  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {For Free, Social Skills Resources}

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