'Positive Mindset' Activity Pack

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Having a positive attitude or mindset, means being able to see the good, or potential for good, during less-than-optimal times and situations.

A positive attitude encourages kids to feel hopeful, be more likely to be able to problem solve, and learn valuable lessons in times of adversity.

In contrast, a negative attitude, makes it more likely that the child will be pessimistic and expect the worst out of non-preferred situations.

These activities will help you support your student’s ability to think positively during non-preferred situations and to be able to identify the lesson one can learn from it.


Included Please Find: 60 Pages

  • What’s The Lesson?
  • Positive Mindset Prompt Cards
  • Find The Silver Lining
  • Long Term vs. Short Term
  • Positive Mindset Affirmations
  • The Positive Mindset Game
  • What’s The Key ~ To Thinking Positive?
  • Positive vs. Negative Thinking Behavior Sort
  • Positive Thinking Mini-Book
  • ‘Think Positive’ Words

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