Questions, Comments, and Connections | Differentiated Board Games | For K-5

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Do your students need to improve their ability to engage in conversations? Do they need to practice asking each other thoughtful questions, make relevant comments and on topic connections? Mine do! 

You can have your students practice the essential components of a conversation: asking questions, making comments, and making connections with these fun games.

Included you will find 8 different game boards {4 in high color and 4 in low color.} 

Four of the boards have a variety of pictures on it {mostly of objects} and the other 4 boards have pictures of children in social situations so that you can work on pragmatic skills as well as language. 

Question cards include "wh" words such as: what, why, when, where, who, which, and also, how, do, did. 

Question cards also include sentence starters for those who need a little more prompting. 

Also included are both written and visual cards as well as 3 different spinners to allow you to use this game with many different levels of students and in different ways. 

Lots of possibilities and lots of fun. Kids love playing this game.

As always, I LOVE to modify! Just contact me under my Q and A if you would like anything modified on this activity. Get your own personalized version!


Included Please Find:  34 Pages

Discussion/Material Prep Page
Direction Page

Thank You Page


Game Boards

  • 2 Full Color Game Board: A Variety of pictures, to use with cards {pictures are mostly of objects}
  • 2 Low Color Game Board: A Variety of new pictures, to use without cards {pictures are mostly of objects}
  • 2 Full Color Game Board: to use with cards {pictures are of kids in social scenarios}
  • 2 Low Color Game Board: to use without cards {new pictures of kids in social scenarios}

Prompt Cards

  • Question Starter Cards: Words and Sentence Starters
  • Comments Written Cards
  • Connections Written Cards
  • Comments Visual Cards
  • Questions Visual Cards
  • Connections Visual Cards

    Spinners & Arrows

    • 3 Spinners: One for each level of game
    • 3 Arrows

    Poster: Questions, Comments, Connections


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