EMOTIONS | Figuring Out My Emotions | SEL ACTIVITIES For Elementary

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Do you have students who struggle to understand their emotions? Do they struggle to identify which emotion they are feeling and why they are feeling it? Do they need help regulating their emotions, either to "cheer up" or "calm down?" I have many students for whom this is a real challenge. 

These 5 SEL Activities were created as a fun tool to help students who experience these challenges.

My students enjoy using these activities.  I hope yours do too!


Included Please Find:   62 Pages


  • Directions
  • Thank You
  • Clip Art Credit
  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}
  • Activity 1: I.D Emotions and What Makes You Feel That Way
  • Activity 2: Choose "Cheer Up" Strategies
  • Activity 3: Choose "Calm Down" Strategies
  • Activity 4: Label and Color Emotions
  • Activity 5: Draw and Color Emotions
  • Activity 6: Sad, Mad, Worried ~Stories
  • Activity 7: Sad, Mad, Worried ~Story Strips
  • Bonus ~ Activity 8:  My Happy Place 


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