SHARING | Lesson Plans and Activities For K-2nd

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Do you have students who have a hard time sharing? Do they grab or hoard materials? Do they have trouble sharing recess materials or during small group activities? I do!

I made this activity to help students who needed explicit teaching to understand how, what and why to share.

The activities are fun, interactive, and young child friendly so that students can really gain an understanding of how they can share many different items, even things that are not material, such as friendship.

Great for students age or ability level K-2nd grade.

My students really enjoy doing these fun activities. I hope yours do too.

Included Please Find: 41 Pages 


  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free Monthly Social Skills Resources}
  • Thank You Page
  • Directions Page


Lesson Plans

  • Lesson Plans For 2 Social Groups


Activity 1

  • Activity Chart For Activity 1 "How Can I Share It?"
  • 24 Activity Cards


 Activity 2

  • Activity Chart For Activity 2 "Do Share" "Don't Share"
  • 24 Activity Cards
  • Blank Cards To Make Your Own (EDITABLE)



  • Visual Supports For Social Group- Jobs Of 
    The Speaker
  • Visual Supports For Social Group- Jobs of the Listener



4 Beautiful Posters With Sharing Quotes


Ways that I can share {worksheet/drawings}


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