Timeline Templates | 50 Differentiated Templates

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Timelines are a great way for students to display their knowledge. These timeline templates are differentiated for a wide variety of learners kindergarten to 5th grade or ability level.

They will appeal to learners of varying needs and abilities, by offering 20 templates with different combinations of boxes for dates or pictures, and lines for writing additional information.

I made these timelines when my son (a 5th grader) had to make and complete one for a homework assignment. Since my son does not like to draw, I searched for a template on line.

After not finding what I wanted, I made my own...and then decided to keep making more, to fit other children's needs.

If you need a timeline, I hope you find these helpful!

All my best,

~Socially Skilled Kids

Included Please Find:  111 Pages

SET 1:
4 Timeline Template Varieties With 6 Large Boxes

SET 2:
4 Timeline Template Varieties With 6 Small Boxes and 3 Large Boxes

SET 3:
4 Timeline Template Varieties With 12 Small Boxes

SET 4:
4 Timeline Template Varieties With Big Boxes/No Writing

SET 5:
4 Timeline Template Varieties With Big Boxes~ Vertical

SET 6:
All templates in a "fancy" version, using enhanced graphics and a bit of color

SET 7:
Simple Timelines. Great For Early Elementary or Special Education Students

All Templates in an EDITABLE version, with Text boxes already added in every location! Great for online learning.

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