SOCIAL SKILLS STORY | Vacation Is Over, It's Time To Go Back To School

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Social Skills Stories are a great way to teach children important social skills that they may be struggling with. Social skills stories break down information into small, explicit steps so that children can more easily understand what they should and should not do in a particular social situation.


Do you have a student who experiences anxiety over coming back to school after a vacation?


Ending the fun times of a vacation, getting back into school routines can be very difficult for some children. You may find it helpful to read this story to your student when they come back from a vacation. Parents may find it helpful to read at home, just before going back.


As with all of my products, I am more than happy to modify this story for you. Perhaps you would like a child's name in the story, or a photo, the name of the child's school, or teacher?


Just contact me in the Q and A section and let me know what you would like!




Included Please Find: 67 Pages


Choice Of 5 Cover Pages


1 With A School Bus

1 With A Boy Packing His Backpack

1 With A Girl Packing Her Backpack

1 With Both Boy And Girl Packing Their Backpacks



Choice Of 4 End Pages


1 With A Boy

1 With A Girl

1 With A Boy And A Girl

1 EDITABLE End Page {to add your student's/child's picture}



> Social Skills Story {with boys and girls, male and female teachers}.

> Extra pages to swap out for customization for younger/older students, pages: 3, 5, and 8

> 1 Editable Page for school name


Skill Builder:

> 1 Going Back To School Check List Page

> 1 Going Back To School Information Sheet


Coloring Book Companion:

> Social Skills Story in black and white


Animated PowerPoint Story and Skill Builder:

> The story & skill builder in an animated PowerPoint version


❤️ Thank You Page

Clip Art Credit Page

Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}