ALL ABOUT ME and my friends | Social Skills Story & Activities

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Getting to know others and developing friendships is so important. Remembering facts and information about others is an important SOCIAL SKILL for children.

Remembering things about friends, helps children to engage in play and conversations, in a meaningful and appropriate way. It is important for children to develop perspective taking by thinking about others likes and interests.

The Friend Facts activities will help children by first having them share information about themselves, then remembering information about others. They will create a fun booklet and have the opportunity to color in the pictures as the learn about their friends.

This set includes a social skills story for the classroom as well as a mini version for students to make, color and keep for their own.

Beautiful visual posters will support good friendship behaviors. They look great displayed in the classroom. A black and white version is provided for children to color in as you discuss.

The Animated PowerPoint version of this story and activities, is great to use for Distance Learning!

Included Please Find:  89 Pages


> Activity 1: About Me

With 3 Different Covers To Choose From {Boys, Girls, Boy and Girl}

Chose from 2 different boys for the activity or 2 different girls

> Activity 2: About My Friend

Choose from 2 different boys and 2 different girls

> Activity 3: About Us

Choose from 2 boys, 2 girls or a boy and girl

> Visual Supports:

Color Visuals for friendship behaviors: Share, Listen, Be Kind, Take Turns, Say Please and Thank You

Black and White Visuals for friendship behaviors: Share, Listen, Be Kind, Take Turns, Say Please and Thank You

> Color Mini Book:
I Can Be A Good Friend
Black and White Mini Book: I Can Be A Good Friend!

> Classroom Book:

Color, Full Size Story: I Can Be A Good Friend!

> Animated PowerPoint:
This fun animated PowerPoint story and activities is a great way to reach kids while teaching remotely!

Directions For Use
Thank You
Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources!}

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