Identifying Coin Values & Adding Coins

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Identifying coin values and adding/counting coins is an important life skill. These fun and functional printable worksheets will give your students lots of practice identifying and manipulating various coins, to be able to add them with automaticity.


Do your students need more practice identifying and adding various coins?


Does your school system's curriculum move too quickly for some of your students?


These 6 activities will help your students get the repetition and practice they need to be able to quickly identify and add basic coins, without getting bored.


Great for young learners, special education students and ELL students.


Included please find:  159 Pages


Activity 1

Counting Coins: Directions

Counting Pennies

Counting Nickels

Counting Dimes

Counting Quarters


Activity 2

Coin Toss: Directions

Penny Toss

Nickel Toss

Dime Toss

Quarter Toss


Activity 3

Add It Up: Directions

Add 2 Coin Combinations

Add 3 Coin Combinations

Add 4 Coin Combinations


Activity 4

 More Than/Less Than: Directions

More Than Less Than Work Sheets


Activity 5

 Equivalent Coins Poster: Directions

Equivalent Coins Posters (13 Posters)


Activity 6 

Make Your Own: Directions

Make Your Own (10 Pages)

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