'Calm and Cope' Activity Pack

  • $3.99

Many children need help learning how to calm themselves and cope with upsets. The activities in this pack will give you a fun and interactive way to learn and practice many calming and coping strategies and help you to teach and support your students in this important form of self regulation.


The resources in my 'activity packs' can be done in any order you choose, according to your students needs and interests. They are quick and easy to use and do not require a lot of prep.


Who Can These Resources Be Used With?


  • Students with special needs who require explicit instruction in social skills
  • Regular education students who need a boost in social skills
  • Social Skills groups
  • Friendship groups


Included In This Pack Please Find: 58 Pages

  • Detailed Instructions
  • Calm Down Strategies Poster
  • De-Escalation Strategies Poster {For the teacher}
  • Deep Breathing Exercises For Calming
  • Coping Like A Superhero
  • Calm Down Strategies Spinners
  • Calming Strategies Card
  • DIY Sensory Fun Recipes
  • Coping With {School} Expectations Visuals
  • Coping Strategies Fortune Teller 'Craftivity'

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