I Can STOP Teasing | Social Skills Story and Activities | For K-2nd

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Social Skills Stories are a great way to teach children the social skills that they are finding challenging. This story will help boys and girls, K-2nd grade or ability, better understand How and WHY they should STOP teasing others.

This is a great story to read to the child who is teasing others and does not understand why it is upsetting them. It can also be very helpful to read to entire class to help prevent teasing early in the school year or any time it seems necessary.

 This is the same story as my 3rd-5th grade or ability level version, but with less words per page and clearer, more specific/age appropriate wording.


Included please find:  35 Pages


✔️ Social Story: In Color, Great For Classroom Use

✔️ Coloring Book Companion: Black & White, Great to Send Home For Generalization

✔️ No Teasing~ Visual

✔️ Skill Builder Activity: Friendly Teasing vs. Mean Teasing


To Help Individualize:


  • Cover With Male and Female
  • Cover With Male Only
  • Cover With Female Only


  • End Page With Male and Female
  • End Page With Male Only
  • End Page With Female Only


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