'Questions and Comments' Activity Pack

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Do your students struggle to start and engage in conversations? Do they only talk about themselves or their interests? Do they have difficulty asking on topic questions and making relevant comments?

Mine do.

Many students with special needs require explicit teaching and support to improve their conversational skills.

The fun and engaging activities in this pack will help your students practice conversational skills by teaching and supporting the use of questions and comments, during a conversation.

About Activity Packs: Activity packs include a number of different activities, presentations and/or visuals, designed to teach students important skills related to a particular social skills topic.

Each activity in the pack is quick and easy to implement. There are enough materials to cover a wide age span and many sessions of a social group, friendship group, counseling group/session, lunch bunch, etc. The activities can also be used as a whole class lesson, during morning meeting or as an SEL activity.



Included Please Find: 144 Pages/Slides:



> A Thumbs Up Conversation

> Asking Questions PowerPoint Presentation

> Asking Questions PDF Version

> Making Comments PowerPoint Presentation

> Making Comments PDF Version

> Brainstorming Comments PowerPoint Presentation

> The Question and Answer Game

> Table Talk Conversation Starters

> Questions and Comments Prompt Cards {set 1}

> Questions and Comments Prompt Cards {set 2}

> 'WH' Questions Picture Card Activity

> 20 Questions Recording Sheet and Visual

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