'Setting Goals' Activity Pack

  • $3.99

Some children struggle to understand how and why they should set goals. This activity set has 13 fun and easy resources to help you teach and support your student in gaining a greater understanding and developing the skills needed to identify, make and attain your goals.


Each activity is quick and easy to implement. There is enough material to cover a wide age span and many sessions of a social group, friendship group, counseling group/session, lunch bunch, etc. These activities can also be used as a whole class, morning meeting or SEL activity.


Included Please Find: 66 Pages

•Goal Posters

•What’s My Goal?

•In With The New, Out With The Old

•New Year’s Resolutions Word Search

•WOOP Activity Sheet

•How And Why To Set A Goal

•My Daily Goals

•Six Goal Worksheets

•SMART Goals

•Long Term vs. Short Term Goals

•Goal Setting Video Recommendations

•Motivational Quotes

•Eisenhower Matrix

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