Don't YUCK My YUM! || Social Story Skill Builder

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Insulting others tastes and preferences can really damage social relationships. Do you have students who frequently tell other children that something they like is not good? Maybe it's their choice of video game, or their choice of recess activity or sport.

This story is intended to teach children the challenging perspective taking concept of not saying something negative, about something someone else likes.
Stories, along with the skill builder activities, are a great way to help children understand difficult concepts in a fun and non-threatening way.

This Social Skills Story & Activity set will help your students avoid hurting other's feelings, understand that it's okay for friends to have different likes and dislikes, and improve their ability to take other's perspectives.

Included Please Find: 62 Pages

> Social Skills Story: Color Social Story, Great For Classroom Use

> Coloring Book Companion {Black and White, Great For Students To Follow Along And To Send Home For Generalization}

> Skill Builder Activity 1: 12 Scenario Cards {Did I Yuck Your Yum? 6 EDITABLE Scenario Cards To Make Your Own

> Skill Builder Activity 2: What Are Your/Their Preferences Worksheets

> Mini Book: Convenient mini sized story, great for teaching on the go or putting in student binders.

> Animated PowerPoint Story: An interactive version of this story with skill builder activities. Great for Distance Learning!

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