Social Skills Story And Activities | I Can STOP Teasing! | For 3rd-5th | Distance Learning

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STORIES are a great way to teach children social skills that they may be having difficulty with. Social Skills stories break down information into small, manageable pieces and use specific and explicit language to teach the child what they should and/or should not do, in a particular situation.

This is a story to help boys and girls better understand How and WHY they should STOP teasing others.


Who Is This Story For?

This story is great for special education students, 3rd-5th grade age or ability level.

This is a great story to read to the child who is {mean} teasing others, and they are having difficult with relationships as a result.

It is also good to read to the entire class, to help prevent {mean} teasing.


Distance Learning Friendly?


This resource can be shared by using screen share or you may send it home to individual families {no public website posting please!}.

You may also share or send home the Animated PowerPoint. Kids love to click and see the animations as they read through the story and complete the Skill Builder Activity.


Included, Please Find:  44 Pages


  • Story: Color Story, Great For Classroom Use
  • Coloring Book Companion: Black & White Version, Great For Generalization
  • Skill Builder Activity: Friendly vs. Mean Teasing Scenario Cards
  • Visual Support: 'No Teasing' Sign
  • Animated PowerPoint: Great for Distance Learning!


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  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {FREE Weekly Social Skills Resources}

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