My Body, Its Private And Not-So-Private Parts | Social Skills Story & Activities | For Girls

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Stories are a great way to teach children important skills that they are finding challenging.

This Social Skills Story & Activity set uses direct, explicit language. It breaks down targeted skills into small, manageable steps.

Social Skills Stories teach children what they should and should not do in a specific situation, such as, understanding what body parts are private/not-so-private.

To further support students, I have created Skill Builder Activities. Skill Builder Activities help support the targeted skill(s) to promote generalization.

This story discusses the "private" and "not-so-private" body parts on a boy. It also discusses who can touch your body and when, as well as what to do if someone touches you who should not.

Included Please Find:  46 Pages


  • Story {Color version, great for classroom use}
  • Choice of 2 Covers & End Pages To Individualize To Your Student(s)

Skill Builders

  • Skill Builder Activity 1: Who and Why?
  • Skill Builder Activity 2: Comprehension Check

Coloring Book

  • Coloring Book Companion {Great for sending home and for generalization}

Animated PowerPoint Story

  • Story and skill builders in an animated PowerPoint. Great for distance learning!

Additional Pages

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Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {FREE, Weekly, Social Skills Resources!}

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