What Can I Do If Someone Is Bothering Me? | Social Skills Story and Activities | K-2nd Grade

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This brief Social Skills Story will help children who struggle to handle themselves well when someone is doing something that is bothering them.


Whether the child has a legitimate complaint or not, there are behaviors that are helpful and acceptable in these situations, and those that are not.


This story discusses these behaviors and helps children by giving them useful strategies and alternative behaviors.


But don't just read a story, help your students build the skill(s) necessary to put the information in the story to good use. The skill builder activity and coloring book companion will help your student do just that.


Students can use the provided activity sheets to make a plan specifically for them, about what bothers them and how they can handle themselves when/if these situations occur.


Included Please Find:  42 Pages


> Social Skills Story With Cover Choices { Girl, Boy, or Girl and Boy, to Individualize}

> Coloring Book Companion {Color Version For The Classroom, Black & White Coloring Book Companion To Have Students Color In and/or To Send Home For Generalization}

> Skill Builder Activity 1 {Role Plays}

> Skill Builder Activity 2 {Planning Sheets}

> End Page With Choices {Girl, Boy, and Girl and Boy, to Individualize}

> Animated PowerPoint Version {Story and Skill Builders, Great For Distance Learning}


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