Perspective Taking Photo Activity Cards | Set 1 | What Are They Thinking?

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PERSPECTIVE TAKING can be challenging for some children. These children often benefit from explicit teaching of this skill. Perspective taking is an important life skill as it helps us to GET ALONG WITH OTHERS, and ADJUST OUR BEHAVIOR when / if necessary, in order to make people feel comfortable around us. 

"What Are They Thinking?" 

These 30 PHOTO CARDS will help children practice the important perspective taking skill of understanding what others may be thinking in a given situation. 

Students will also be able to gain a greater understanding of why people may have different thoughts even though they are in the same situation.

Additionally, students will discuss why they may have different thoughts than someone else. 

Photos include one, two or multiple people for a range of difficulty and show a wide range of situations to appeal to many learners.


Included Please Find:   107 Pages

~30 Photo Activity Cards With Teacher Prompts: PDF {Great to laminate and keep for re-use year after year}

  • Level 1: What one person is thinking
  • Level 2: What two people are thinking
  • Level 3: What three or more people are thinking

    ~Grayscale Copy {Great to send home to support generalization and to print multiple copies to give to individual students}  The 30 Photo Activity Cards With Teacher Prompts in handy grayscale PDF 

    ~ Animated PowerPoint {Great for distance learning!}  The 30 Photo Activity Cards With Teacher Prompts in a fun, animated PowerPoint.

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