Strategies For Handling Problems | Social Skills Story and Activities | Differentiated For K-5th Grade

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Do you have students who struggle to stay calm when they have a problem, even a small one? Do they get very upset and have trouble solving the problem using appropriate behavior?

I created these activities to help children who struggle with handling problems in a calm, effective way.

Teach these calming and problem solving strategies and review frequently when the student is not experiencing a problem. The student will be more likely to be able to access these strategies, once they have become very familiar with them.  

EDITABLE CARDS are provided so that you can make your own strategy cards to individualize to your students needs. 

Help students understand which strategies may be most helpful depending on the problem at hand.

The social story will help children understand what they should do in a problem situation.

The color story is great for the classroom and the black and white story is great to print it out and send it home. Or have your student follow along and color in the pictures while you read.


Included Please Find:  53 Pages

Thank You 
Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly, Resources}
Directions/Suggestions For Use 


Social Skills Story


"I Can Use Helpful Strategies, When Handling Problems"

Includes a "Boy Only" Cover and End Page, and a "Girl Only" Cover and End Page, for individualization.


Coloring Book Companion


Black & White Social Story {Have your student color in as you read and/or send home to support generalization}


Skill Builder Activity 1

27 Strategy Picture Cards: Pictures Only
27 Strategy Picture Cards: Pictures and Words
27 Strategy Picture Cards: Words Only
9 Make Your Own Strategy Cards (Editable to add your own text and pictures)

1 Strategy Board For Younger {color and black and white}
1 Strategy Board For Older {color and black and white}


Skill Builder Activity 2

1 Discussion Questions Page: Color Version, Great For Classroom Use

1 Discussion Questions Page: Black & White Version {Great For Student Binder Or To Send Home For Generalization}


Mini Books


Social Skills Story in convenient 1/4 page size.

1 Color and 1 Black/White. Great for teaching on the go or putting in student binders.

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