Following Rules And Manners When Using ZOOM | Social Skills Story and Activities

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Are you doing Distance Learning? If you are using ZOOM to teach your students, this Social Skills-Story And Activities, may be useful.

 This story is written in the second person.

 It breaks down the basic functions needed to understand how to use the platform appropriately during a lesson.

 Clear and explicit language is used to help students better understand how and why to follow rules and manners while video conferencing for school.

Included is a PDF version: Share online or send a copy home.

Included is an Animated PowerPoint: Share online and let your students click to see the animations and advance the slides at their own pace. Send home so parents can review the story over and over as needed.


Who is this story for?

This story is good to use with special education students approximately 3rd-5th grade or ability level.

It is also helpful for regular education students who need a tutorial on how to use and behave on ZOOM.

Distance Learning Friendly?

Yes!  You can share any PDF online using the screen share technology of your choice. You can even have students write on the PDF, using the pen tool!

Share the Animated PowerPoint and give your students the ability to click and advance the animations and slides but using the "remote control" function. Kids love it!


Included Please Find:   48 Pages


> PDF Story

Skill Builder Activity 1: Coloring Book Companion

Skill Builder Activity 2: ZOOM Terms Worksheet

> Animated PowerPoint: The same story...with animations! Students click to advance at their own pace.

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