Social Skills Stories And Activities | Pack 3 | Pro-Social Behaviors | For K-2nd

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These social stories are great to read to children who are struggling to understand the perspective taking and social skills needed to engage in common, lower elementary behaviors such as, sharing, playing with more than one friend and playing soccer.

Included, Please Find:  86 Pages

Social Story: I Dare To Share!


This is a story about why and how to share with others.


Social Story {Color Version, Great For Classroom Use}


Skill Builder Activity 1: 6 Comprehension/Coloring Pages


Skill Builder Activity 2: Things We Share


Coloring Book Companion Social Story {Black & White Version, Great For Sending Home For Generalization}




Social Story: Playing Soccer With My Friends


This is a story about playing soccer and having fun with friends. You may not always get the ball and you may not always win, but playing with your friends is the biggest reason to play.

Social Story: Color Social Story, Choice of 3 Covers: Boy/Girl/Boy & Girl


Skill Builder Activity 1: Draw It


Skill Builder Activity 2: Who's Playing?


Skill Builder Activity 3: Plan It


Coloring Book Companion: Black and White Social Story To Color And Send Home For Generalization


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