Adding Coin Values | Worksheets For Automaticity

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These 'Adding Coin Values' worksheets will help your students gain automaticity in adding a variety of coin values. Great for over the summer break or anytime your students need some extra support.


Most worksheets that target lower level skills include clip art that makes them look childish to the older child.


I created these worksheets to be plain and appealing to the older student, while still providing some visual cues for students who may have challenges with writing or organization of their work.


Included Please Find:   41 Pages


3 Worksheets For Adding Quarters

3 Worksheets For Adding Dimes

3 Worksheets For Adding Nickels

4 Worksheets For Adding Mixed Coins {2 coins}

4 Worksheets For Adding Mixed Coins {3 coins}


2 Bonus Worksheets: Adding all 4 coins


  • Directions
  • Teacher Recording Sheets
  • Coin Mats {visual support for adding coins}


  • Thank You
  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge  {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources Delivered To Your In-Box}

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