Conversation Behaviors Expected vs. Unexpected - with Conversation Starter Cards

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Conversation Skills can be very challenging for students with special needs. This is because engaging in successful conversations requires many social skills. This activity will help students learn the basic ‘expected’ and ‘unexpected’ behaviors necessary to talk with their peers and engage in a meaningful conversation where everyone feels heard and respected.


Use to teach conversation skills in your classroom or for online learning. This resource has 2 levels, making it work well for students K-2nd and 3rd-5th. It can be used in a presentation style, as conversation worksheets, or made into a conversation skills 'book.'


>>>> This Resource Is Also In The Conversation Skills Activity Pack


Included Please Find: 88 Pages + Bonus Activity


✅ Level 1 includes pictures and text for expected and unexpected conversation behavior. PDF Version.

✅ Level 2 includes text only for expected and unexpected conversation behavior. PDF Version.

✅ Animated PowerPoint Version of expected and unexpected conversation behavior levels 1 and 2.


  • Directions For Use
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  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources!}





  • 12 Conversation Topic Starters
  • Conversation Question - Prompt Cards
  • Conversation Comments - Prompt Cards



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