Conversation Activity | Responding To Others

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Do you have students who struggle to engage in back and forth conversations?

Do they enjoy talking about their interests but are not so enthusiastic about other's interests?

Do their conversations consist of each child talking but no real "conversation" going on?

This happens a lot with my students. Each person says what they want to say, but nobody responds to them by asking questions or making comments. So, we end up having a few monologues with no real engagement.

This fun activity with visual supports will help you teach your and motivate your students to RESPOND TO OTHERS.

My students LOVE earning pretend millions, putting it in their own piggy bank or bank building and adding it up at the end. While the student love seeing how much pretend money they have focus is to see how many questions were asked vs. comments, connections and interruptions or off topic comments.


I hope your students love this activity as much as mine do!


Included Please Find: 44 Pages


  • Directions
  • Thank You
  • Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {For Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}


Conversation Mat Choices

  • Piggy Bank { In 4 colors, laminate and reuse, great for younger students}
  • Money Sacs { In 4 colors, laminate and reuse, great for younger students}
  • Bank Building { In 4 colors, laminate and reuse, great for older students}
  • Vaults { In 4 colors, laminate and reuse, great for Older students}
  • Piggy Bank, Money Sac, Bank and Vault {black & white version, great for writing on directly or sending home for generalization}


Conversation Vocabulary Strips

  • Curious Question
  • Confident Comment
  • Connection
  • Quickie Comment
  • Acceptable Interruption
  • Blurt


Conversation Coins

  • 25 Million Dollar Question Coins
  • 10 Million Dollar Comment Coins
  • 5 Million Dollar Quickie Comments and Connections Coins
  • Withdrawal Slips: For interruptions and off topic comments
  • Black & White Set Included


Topic Cards

  • 12 Topic Cards For Younger Students
  • 12 Topic Cards For Older Students


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