Conversation PowerPoint Slideshow Activity || Asking Questions In A Conversation

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Many students struggle with asking questions during a conversation. Why?  For a few reasons. 

One reason is that they may not have the necessary perspective taking skills to understand the value and importance of asking questions to their conversational partner.  This is especially true if the topic is not of interest to them.

Another reason may be because the student is so preoccupied thinking about their own topic, that they cannot focus and really hear what the speaker is saying. 

Additionally, some students truly do not know how to ask a good question.

This PowerPoint slideshow with animation is a fun and interactive way for children to learn about and practice asking questions during a conversation. 


Included Please Find:

52 Page PowerPoint Slideshow


> Wh words: Who, What, Why, Where, When, Which

> More words: Will, Would, Could, Should, How, Do, Did, Does, 

> Bonus words: Can...  May...


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