Dudley Dog's Frustration Story

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SOCIAL STORIES are a great way to teach important skills to children who are struggling to understand a particular social concept such as handling FRUSTRATION.
Social stories use clear, concise language to break down information into small, explicit steps that help children understand what they should or should not do in a given situation.
But reading a story is only doing part of the job. Students need to build skill in the area of challeng as well. Without the skill, the story can not be used to it's fullest potential.
This is a sweet story about some animals who are having a play date. One character is getting FRUSTRATED. The story talks about how he can MAKE CHOICES to STAY CALM and this, in turn, helps him to have better play dates. Learning to stay calm when feeling frustrated can be a valuable tool for many children. This story can help you to teach this concept to young children in a fun way.
As with all of my products, I am more than happy to modify this story for you. Perhaps you would like a child's name in the story, or a photo, the name of the child's school, or teacher? Just contact me in the Q and A section and let me know what you would like!
Included Please Find:  33 Pages
Social Story: Color Social Story, Great For The Classroom
Skill Builder Activity 1: 2 Worksheet Activity Pages
Skill Builder Activity 2: 3 Coloring Pages
Coloring Book Companion: Black and White Social Story, Great To Have Students Color In While Reading and/or Send Home For Generalization
Game Board
2 Pages of Game Cards
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