Earth Day Fun Pack || For Elementary

  • $3.00 Day is April 22nd. Celebrate this important day with some fun and engaging activities that your students will really enjoy doing. Your students will learn a little something about the history of Earth Day as well as learning about recycling, earth, animal and nature care.

This pack has 7 activities that will support your students in their learning about important aspects of Earth Day with ease and independence. Answer keys are included so that your students can work independently and check their own work or use as support when needed.

Great for early finishers or as a fun center in your classroom with a wide enough variety of activities to reach and interest many learners.

My students especially love the trivia cards. I hope yours do too! I put them in an empty tissue box and they love to reach in and pull out a card. They love to quiz each other. 

All my best,

Socially Skilled Kids :)


Included Please Find:  37 Pages

Directions For Activity 1: Earth Day Trivia Cards
48 Trivia Cards (Earth Day Facts/History, Recycling, Nature/Environment, Animals)

Directions For Activity 2: Earth Day Mini Book
Mini Book

3 Posters: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Directions For Activity 3: Ronny The Recycling Bin
Ronny The Recycling Bin Activity Sheet
Answer Key

Activity 4: Earth Day Word Search
Answer Key

Activity 5: Earth Day Make-A-Word
Answer Key

Activity 6: Earth Day Scrambled Words
Answer Key

Activity 7: Earth Day Writing Prompts
4 Writing Prompts

Clip Art Credit

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