Halloween Joke Bookmarks | Differential Language

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Need something besides candy to give your students on Halloween? Try these fun Halloween Joke Bookmarks.


Why Teachers Love Them: It's so fun to have a nice little treat to give your students on a special day. It's awesome to see your kiddos faces light up. Quick and easy to prepare, these bookmarks are secretly packed with a learning experience too, so your kiddos will be learning while having fun!

Why Students Love Them: Kids love to GET things. They love to get a little gift especially on a holiday. Kids also love jokes. These fun book marks will have kids talking and laughing, maybe even helping each other to try to figure them out.

Why Therapist Love Them: These book marks can serve as a social skills lesson too! They use figurative language and play on words in the jokes. This is an important thing for our students to learn. Pass out the bookmarks, have students read theirs and discuss the meaning(s). So fun!

Laminate the bookmarks and they look great and are sturdy enough to last for a long time. These bookmarks look great in color but also print out nicely in black and white.

There are two sets of 4 bookmarks. Set 1 uses clever figurative language for the children to figure out, and Set 2 uses a fun play on words.

Please leave me a quick note if you like them! What else would you like to see? I love creating fun Freebies for you :)


Included Please Find:  8 Halloween Joke Bookmarks


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