PERSPECTIVE TAKING ACTIVITIES || Making Social Decisions {Fact. Fiction. Prediction}

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These fun activities will help children learn perspective taking skills by teaching the difference between Fact, Fiction, and Prediction, specifically how it relates to social situations, and why it is important to understand these concepts when developing and maintaining social relationships. 

Posters are provided to show the definitions of fact, fiction and prediction. Scenario cards are provided to help children explore and practice their understanding of these concepts through discussion. The first 10 cards provide a written prompt along with a picture and the next 10 scenarios provide a picture only, requiring the children to put more thought into their responses. 


Included Please Find: 

Cover Page
Discussion/Suggestions For Use 
3 Visuals For Definitions of, Fact, Fiction, Prediction
10 Full Page Written Scenario Cards
10 Full Page Picture Scenario Cards 
1 Make Your Own Scenario Card(with Editable Section to Easily Type In Your Own Text and Pictures)
10 Fact, Fiction, and Prediction Worksheets
1 Editable Color Worksheet
1 Editable Black and White Worksheet
Clip Art Credit
Thank You

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