Llama Themed Classroom Rules Posters | Freebie

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Just for fun...a maybe a little helpful too!


Our students may need some extra reminders this school year. Things are going to look a lot different.


I hope these llama posters can brighten your classroom or desktop while offering your students some gentle reminders.


Included Please Find:  23 Pages


3 Sets of 5 llama posters that will look great printed or online.


Set 1: Teal and Black

Set 2: Soft Matching Color

Set 3: Black Line Border


> Need Help? No Prob-llama, Just Ask

> Need a Break? No Prob-llama, Just Ask

> Need the Bathroom? No Prob-llama, Just Ask

> Need a Snack? No Prob-llama, Just Ask

> Save The Drama For Your Llama, Stay Calm

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