Modified Spelling Activities | Featuring 'a' Words | For 4th Grade

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Do you have students who struggle to memorize their spelling words each week? 

Students who just can't seem to remember the spelling rules they were taught?

I created this modified spelling packet filled with activities to help those students master fourth grade spelling words by using a creative approach to help them out. 

I originally created these activities for my 4th Grade son who was struggling on his spelling tests. He was practicing his words each week by writing them over and over again and putting them in "abc order" and yet he was coming home with 2/20 words correct.

After using these activities with him, he started coming home with 90-100% on all of his spelling tests!

He was able to learn the words through these modified activities when the traditional teaching was not working for him.

If you have students who struggle to learn their spelling words using the traditional methods, I hope you give this a try and I hope it is helpful!

Spelling list 'z' is also Free for you to try out and see if these activities work for your kiddo(s).  

Letter sets  'b' - 'y'  are available in my shop:

  • Individually, or... 
  • In Four - 6 Set Bundles, or...
  • In One -  24 Set Complete Bundle, covering many high frequency, high interest, 4th grade words, with the initial letter of each letter of the alphabet {with the exception of letter 'x'} and one homophone set. 


Included In This Set, Please Find:

Cover Page
Thank You
Invitation to The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources!}

Teacher's Spelling List (10 Spelling Words, 5 Extra Credit Words)
Letter Box Visual

Letter Box Activity Directions
Activity 1: Letter Box Activity

Trace It Directions
Activity 2: Trace It Activity

Challenging Words Directions
Activity 3: Challenging Words Activity

On The Line Directions
Activity 4: On The Line Activity

Read and Write a Story Directions
Activity 5: Read and Write a Story

Spelling Check Directions
Activity 6: Spelling Check Activity


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