Modified Spelling Activities | Featuring 'b' Words | For 4th Grade

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Does your school system have a spelling program? If so, does that program meet the needs of your struggling spellers?

Are you feeling frustrated giving your students new words week to week when they haven't learned last week's words yet?

I wrote these activities for my 4th grade son who struggles with spelling. Many school systems do not have spelling programs for upper elementary students. Many traditional spelling programs do not offer enough support for struggling spellers.

After spending much time trying to figure out how to help my son spell better, I came up with these modified activities using visual supports, scaffolding and much needed repetition. This approach has been very helpful for him. I hope it will be for your students as well!

These modified spelling activities are great for 4th grade students who struggle with spelling. Each packet includes 10 words plus 5 extra credit words. The words are chosen from grade appropriate lists and/or high frequency words. 

I am offering packet 'a' words and packet 'z' words for free so that you can try them out!  I hope you enjoy them :)

Included In This Set, Please Find:

Cover Page
Thank You
Invitation to The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources!}

Teacher's Spelling List (10 Spelling Words, 5 Extra Credit Words)
Letter Box Visual

Letter Box Activity Directions
Activity 1: Letter Box Activity

Trace It Directions
Activity 2: Trace It Activity

Challenging Words Directions
Activity 3: Challenging Words Activity

On The Line Directions
Activity 4: On The Line Activity

Read and Write a Story Directions
Activity 5: Read and Write a Story

Spelling Check Directions
Activity 6: Spelling Check Activity

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