Everybody Has 2 Sets of Teeth | Social Skills Story and Activities

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Social Skills Stories are a great way to teach children important social skills that they may be struggling with. Social Skills Stories break down information into small, explicit steps so that children can more easily understand what they should and should not do in a particular social situation. 

This is a story about losing your baby teeth and grown up teeth replacing them. Many children are fearful of this natural part of growing up.

The story describes the process of baby teeth coming in, then losing them and then grown up teeth replacing the baby teeth.

There is an interactive page for the child to write in responses at the end and a tooth chart for the child to record which teeth he/she has lost and when. There is no mention of the "tooth fairy" in this story.

As with all of my products, I am more than happy to modify this story for you. Perhaps you would like a child's name in the story, or a photo, the name of the child's school, or teacher? Just contact me and let me know what you would like!

Variety of pages (cover and inside pages) with only males, only females or both, so you can personalize this story.

Included Please Find:  32 Pages


  • Social Story 
  • 1 Cover page with male, 1 cover page with female, 1 cover page with a male and female
  • 3 Activity Pages 
  • Coloring Book Companion



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