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PERSPECTIVE TAKING is a very important and complex social skill for children to learn. This bundle includes 6 sets of fun and engaging activities to teach and practice a wide variety of perspective taking skills. 

Good perspective taking can be challenging for some children. Explicit teaching can help children understand how and why it is important to be aware of our behavior and how it affects others. 

These activities are great for children with social learning challenges but are also very beneficial for typically developing children who are developing social awareness as well.


Included please find:

Perspective Detective: Thought Bubble Scenarios

Discussion/Material Prep/Directions Page
Perspective Taking Poster
Thought Bubble Poster

Activity/Level 1

30 Scenario Cards (for activity 1)
2 Make Your Own Cards (with editable sections for you to type in your own text/pictures)

Activity/Level 2

5 Different Colored Thought Bubbles (for activity 2)
5 Different Colored Hearts (for activity 2)

Activity/Level 3

Worksheet For Activity 3


Perspective Detective: Fact, Fiction, Prediction

Discussion/Directions Page

3 Posters For, Fact, Fiction and Prediction 

Activity 1

10 Full Page Written Scenario Cards 
10 Full Page Picture Scenario Cards

1 Editable Scenario Card 

Activity 2

10 Fact, Fiction, and Prediction Worksheets
1 Editable Prediction Worksheet (Color)

1 Editable Prediction Worksheet (Black and White)


Perspective Detective: Polite or Not Quite

Directions Page
Suggestions For Use/Activity Directions Page

1 Vocabulary Page
3 Visuals for Vocabulary Words: Being Polite, Not Quite, Lying

Activity 1

18 Scenario Cards, 1 Chart, 36 Response Cards

Activity 2

24 Were You Polite? Activity Cards
2 Activity Charts

Activity 3

18 "Think It or Say It" Cards, 5 Polite or Not Quite: Thought Bubble/Speech Bubble Activity Cards 

Editable Pages


Perspective Detective: Making Social Predictions

Activity 1

12 "Pretty Good Prediction" Scenario Cards
12 "Goofy Guesses" Scenario Cards
Make Your Own Cards and Activity Chart


Activity  2

10 Scenario Cards For Activity 2
Activity 2 Chart


Perspective Detective: Motives and Intentions

Activity 1

16 Activities Pages
16 Motive And Intent Scenario Cards {written scenarios}

Activity 2

16 What was the Motive, What was the Intent~ Activity Pages {picture scenarios}



Perspective Detective: Social Scenarios

Discussion/Suggestions For Use Page

Activity 1

18 Social Scenario Perspective Taking Cards For Older Elementary
1 Thought Bubble
1 Speech Bubble

18 Social Scenario Perspective Taking Cards For Younger Elementary
18 Social Scenario Perspective Taking Cards For Non-Readers (picture cards)

6 Cards To Make Your Own

Activity 2

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Chart
Smile/Frown Chart



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