PERSPECTIVE TAKING ACTIVITIES || Understanding Motive and Intent

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PERSPECTIVE TAKING is a very important skill for children to learn. It can be difficult for some children without explicit instruction. Motive and intent are important concepts for children to understand in order to navigate their social world. Children with social challenges often need explicit teaching to better understand this concept.  

This activity is fun, engaging and thought provoking. 

My students love doing it, I hope yours do too!


Included, Please Find:  59 Pages


Poster For Motive 

Poster For Intent

Motive and Intent Activity 1

16 Activities Pages

16 Motive And Intent Scenario Cards(8 pages)

1 Make Your Own Activity Page (Made Editable so you can create your own scenarios)

1 Editable Page

1 Black & White Page

Motive and Intent Activity 2

16 Activity Pages

1 Sample Page

1 Editable Page

I Black & White Page 

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