COMPLIMENTS - with COMPLIMENT STARTERS - Perspective Taking Activity for 1st-5th

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Do you use compliment cookies or a compliment jar? Do you encourage your students to work together to get class compliments? Compliments are a wonderful thing to get and give. But many children with social learning challenges struggle to understand compliments, both giving and receiving, and understanding others well enough to know what to say and what not to say can be tricky for children with autism, ADHD, and developmental delay.

Students who struggle with perspective-taking might have difficulty understanding the qualities that make up a compliment vs. an insult. Learning this critical concept can help children make and keep friends.

This activity will help you teach children these skills in a fun and interactive way. It works well in both small and large groups. It's an excellent addition to a friendship unit or character development unit. It's also fun to use on Friendship Day or Valentine's Day.

Another excellent use for the compliment starters activity is to use it with individual children who are struggling with saying kind words to others.

This activity can be used with typical learners, children with special needs and social challenges, and in inclusive classrooms.


Included Please Find: 35 Pages


  • Cover Page
  • Discussion Page
  • ❤️ Thank You
  • Invitation to The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources!}


Activity 1: Introduce Compliments

  • Rules Of Giving A Compliment
  • Compliments Posters {2 posters}
  • Compliment Starters and Example Finishers {4 pages}


Activity 2: Compliment Behaviors

  • "Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Chart with pictures
  • "Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Chart without pictures{text only}
  • "Way To Go!" vs. "Oh No!" Compliment Behavior Charts with challenge column {one with picture and one with text only}
  • 8 "Way To Go!" Compliment Behavior Cards
  • 8 "Oh, No!" Compliment Behavior Cards
  • 8 "Way To Go!" Compliment Statement Cards
  • 8 "Oh, No!" Compliment Statement Cards


Activity 3: Compliment Starter Strips

  • 24 Compliment Starters: Finish The Compliment


Activity 4: Give A Compliment

  • 18 Picture Cards: Practice Giving A Compliment


Activity 5: Compliments Board Game

  • A Fun Board Game To Practice What Has Been Learned


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