PERSPECTIVE TAKING ACTIVITY~ Making Informed Decisions {Good Guesses vs. Goofy Guesses}

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Practice PERSPECTIVE TAKING with these scenario cards that will help your students learn to slow down and think about what information they have in order to make good informed decisions or, "Good Guesses."  

Why is it important to make a "Good Guess" vs. acting quickly and impulsively and making a "Goofy Guess?" 

What may happen if you make a "Goofy Guess?" Explore all of these ideas in this fun activity. 

This activity works well in small social groups and also in larger or whole class groups. Great discussions come from this activity and kids really enjoy doing it.


Included Please Find:

Cover Page
Clip Art Credit Page
Thank You Page

Directions For Activity 1
Definitions Visual
12 "Good Guess" Scenario Cards
12 "Goofy Guesses" Scenarion Cards
2 Make Your Own Cards(With Editable Section So You Can Easily Add Your Own Text and Pictures To Individualize To Your Students)
Activity 1 Two Behavior Charts, (1 For Older, 1 For Younger)

Directions For Activity 2
12 Scenario Cards For Activity 2
Activity 2 Behavior Chart

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