Perspective Taking Photo Activity Cards For Non Verbal Communication - What Message Are They Sending?

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Understanding non-verbal communication, such as facial expressions and body language, is essential for creating and maintaining positive social relationships. To understand this non-verbal communication, one must use perspective-taking to figure out what the other person/people are communicating with their facial expressions or body language.

PERSPECTIVE TAKING can be challenging for children with special needs such as autism, ADHD, or other developmental disabilities. The ability to take others' perspectives is an important life skill. It helps us to GET ALONG WITH OTHERS and ADJUST OUR BEHAVIOR when / if necessary to make people feel comfortable around us.

This REAL PHOTO CARDS activity set will help children practice the essential perspective-taking skill of understanding what message others are sending based on their facial expressions and body language.


Included Please Find: 107 Pages

  • Directions
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  • Invitation ToThe Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly, Social Skills Resources!}


30 Photo Activity Cards With Teacher Prompts

Set 1: 10 Pictures: Focus Is On One Child's Facial Expressions

Set 2: 10 Pictures: Focus Is On One Child's Facial Expressions AND Some Body Language

Set 3: 10 Pictures: Focus Is On Two Or More Children {and adults} Facial Expressions AND Body Language


Each Set Comes In:

  • PDF In Color {Great for classroom use, Laminate, and re-use for years}
  • PDF In Grayscale {Great to send home to support generalization}
  • Animated PowerPoint {Great for Distance Learning!}


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