Conversation Behaviors {Differentiated Social Skills Activities For k-5th Grade}

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SOCIAL SKILLS are a very important part of every child's education. Some children struggle to understand and engage in the complex skills involved in having a CONVERSATION. They may benefit from explicit teaching of these skills.

This pack includes 5 fun and interactive activities that will teach your students the necessary perspective taking skills to engage in successful conversations with their peers, improving SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS.

These activities are differentiated to be used with age or ability levels k-5th grade and beyond, depending on student functioning level. 

Great for small social skills groups, individual therapy, lunch bunches, snack groups, friendship groups. These activities can even be used as a whole class activity or as a center in your regular ed. classroom.

I hope you enjoy these activities!


Cindy ~Socially Skilled Kids


Included Please Find:

Discussion/Material Prep.

Activity 1 

Activity 1 Behavior Charts(4 charts)
2 Editable Behavior Charts
Activity 1 Scenario Cards: (24 picture cards)
8 Editable Cards

Activity 2 

Activity 2 Scenario Cards (30 written cards)
10 Editable Cards

Activity 3 

Flow Chart Activity

Activity 4 

Activity 4 Arrows 
Activity 4 Spinner Activity (2 spinners)

Activity 5 

1 Board Game: "CONVERSATION LAND" White Background
1 Board Game: "CONVERSATION LAND" Blue Background
Arrows and Directions For Making Spinner
1 Spinner
Scenario Cards

Visual Supports: 

Poster: Conversation MAKER
Poster: Conversation BREAKER

Full Page: Jobs Of The Speaker 
Full Page: Jobs Of The Listener 

Individual Strips: Jobs Of The Speaker (High Color)
Individual Strips: Jobs Of The Listener (High Color)

Individual Strips: Jobs Of The Speaker (Black and White)
Individual Strips: Jobs Of The Listener (Black and White)

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