Emotions I.D Activities || For K-5th

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Is your school moving to Distance Learning/Remote Teaching? If so, this resource may be helpful to you. And to help you teach remotely, you may use this resource by sharing it digitally with your students via a screen share or by sending the resource directly to your students via email. This is a modification of my regular terms of use. It will remain during the school closures. I hope it is helpful to you during this challenging time.

To use this resource for distance learning/remote teaching: Students can review the slides you share with them via screen share, and discuss the information verbally. Students can also participate by printing the material at home, and doing it there. When completed students can upload a picture of their work to your email, google classroom or to their own computer to be screen shared via a platform such as Zoom.

To assist you further in using this resource for Distance Learning/Remote Teaching, I have made all pages requiring anything to be written on them, EDITABLE. You can send these pages to your students for them to write on {edit} at home on their computers. This will eliminate the need for printing.

* If Sending Home To Parents: If you are sending this resource home and are expecting parents to use this item with your student(s), please understand that they are not teachers and be sure you feel confident that they will be able to use it. This resource is not complicated to use but we do not want to overwhelm parents during this time. An email explanation or phone call consultation may be helpful.

Thank you and stay well ❤️




Do you have students who struggle to understand, manage and or control their emotions? Being able to identify one's own EMOTIONS is the first step in EMOTIONAL REGULATION. Identifying emotions helps one to understand and control their behavior. Some children need explicit teaching to successfully learn how to do this. 

These 3 activities are great for children who need to practice identifying their emotions. They will do so by labeling them; increasing and expanding their emotional vocabulary, identifying the various FACIAL EXPRESSIONS/BODY LANGUAGE associated with many different emotions, and by thinking about scenarios that may make them feel various emotions. 

These activities can be used with an individual student or in small groups for a great interactive experience. In small groups, children benefit from seeing and hearing about how other children may feel in various situations. 


Included Please Find:   63 Pages

Activity 1

  • 15 Emotions: Face Shot, To Label What It Looks Like, Feels Like and Sounds Like
  • 15 Emotions: With Face And Body To Show Body Language, To Label What It Looks Like, Feels Like and Sounds Like
  • 1 EDITABLE Page To Add Your Own Emotion Labels and Pictures
  • Emotions Pages EDITABLE

Activity 2 

20 Scenario Cards: How Would You Feel? 
EDITABLE Scenario Cards

Activity 3 

20 Scenario Cards: How Would They Feel? 
EDITABLE Scenario Cards

Activity 4

Draw Your Emotions / What Makes You Feel That Way (8 blank faces to chose from) 

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