Teamwork, Cooperation, And Closure || SOCIAL SKILLS ACTIVITIES || For K-5th

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These lesson plans and activities address the important SOCIAL SKILLS topics of Teamwork, Cooperation and Closure. 

Great for groups of children who have been working/playing together for some period of time. The activities will support and challenge their ability to work together and cooperate with each other.

Saying goodbye to a group or individual that you have spend important time with can be challenging for some children. Closure is often overlooked but it can be an important part of any group. Memory books/yearbooks can be a fun way to address closure with children.

There are many fun activities are included in this product. My students enjoy doing thise activities, I hope yours do too!

Included Please Find:

Cover Page
Thank You
Clip Art Credit

4 lessons (2 for younger and 2 for older students) 

Teamwork and Cooperation Discussion Page
Closure Discussion Page

Teamwork Jobs Poster
Cooperation Jobs Poster

Teamwork vs. Me Work Activity Directions
Teamwork vs. Me Work Activity Charts
Teamwork vs. "Me-work" Activity Scenario Cards {pictures and text}

Teamwork vs. "Me-work" Activity Scenario Cards {text only}

My Yearbook (for older children) With 4 Cover Options
My School Year Memories (for younger children) With 4 Cover Options

Cooperative Drawing Directions
Scavenger Hunt Directions
Awards For Kids
Goodbye Letters
Game and Activity Directions (9 activities)

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