Friendship Behavior Activities | Pack 1 | Social Skills Stories & Activities

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Do you have students who struggle with making and maintaining friendships? Do they say rude things to other kids and then wonder why they don't like them? Do they struggle to understand how to engage in friendly conversations? 

This pack includes 3 fun resources for teaching the important SOCIAL SKILLS needed to help your students with the important skill of making and maintaining friendships. 

These SOCIAL STORIES and ACTIVITIES will promote stronger friendships between peers by teaching PRO-SOCIAL BEHAVIORS such as giving and receiving compliments and using friendly words and behaviors when interacting. 

These activities can be used with age or ability levels k-5th grade and beyond, depending on student functioning level.


Included Please Find:   129 Pages

⇒ Complimenting Others

Color Story {Great For Classroom Use}

Skill Builder Activity 1 {Compliments Given}

Skill Builder Activity 2 {Compliments Received}

Coloring Book Companion


⇒ Compliment Starters 

Cover Page
Discussion Page
Suggestions For Use Page
10 Page Activity (Including: Story, Behavior Chart and Activity Cards)


⇒ Using Friendly Talk

Cover Page 
Suggestions For Use
1 (10) Page Story In Color
4 Page Activity In Color
1 (10) Page Story In Black and White
4 Page Activity In Black and White

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