Questions, Comments and Connections || Visual Checklists and Activities

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Do you teach students how to improve their communication/conversation skills?

This resource will help your students monitor how often they ask questions, make comments, and/or make connections.

Most of my students are good at making comments and connections but really need practice asking questions, i.e. showing interest in others.

These visual checklists will help your students gain a greater understanding of how to engage in successful conversations with others, through taking a closer look at asking questions and making comments.

Going beyond simply teaching students to ask questions and make comments, these visual checklists and activities get students to self monitor their conversational behaviors and think more deeply about the quality of their questions and comments.




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"I love the visuals! These have been very helpful for several of my clients!" -Tara

"This is a great resource. It really helped several of my students!" -Christine

"This is perfect for a student who has stumped me!" -Nadia




Included Please Find:  27 Pages


Teacher Supports:


  • Explicit Instructions, Suggestions and Examples For Use
  • Key Vocabulary Poster {Great for students too}




  • 2 Asking Follow-Up Questions Worksheet
  • 2 Making Follow-up Comments Worksheet
  • 3 Conversation Starter Sentences Sheets


Visual Checklists:


  • 1 Asking Questions Visual Checklist
  • 1 Making Comments Visual Checklist
  • 3 Conversation Participation Visual Checklists (3 levels)
  • 1 Conversation Pie Visual Checklist


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