Social Stories For Older Kids | 10 One Page Stories

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Are your schools currently doing Distance Learning? If so, you many find this resource particularly useful. It is easy to use by printing {black and white} or reading right on the computer screen. I hope you find these stories helpful during this challenging time.

Do you have students who could benefit from a social story but are too old for the traditional kind with lots of cartoon style graphics?

These 1 page stories are great for the upper elementary student who is having trouble understanding a variety of social skills. These stories are short and to the point and contain very few graphics so that they look more grown up.

Included Please Find:  16 Pages

SOCIAL STORY 1: Staying With The Adult

SOCIAL STORY 2: Playing Safely

SOCIAL STORY 3: Handling Negative Peer Pressure

SOCIAL STORY 4: Following The Rules

SOCIAL STORY 5: Handling Bullies and Bullying

SOCIAL STORY 6: Handling A Boring Moment

SOCIAL STORY 7: Good Student Behavior

SOCIAL STORY 8: Being Flexible

SOCIAL STORY 9: Being A Good Sport

SOCIAL STORY 10: Friendly vs. Mean Teasing

BONUS STORY: Wearing A Mask

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