My Thought Bubble Thoughts | Social Skills Story and Activities | For 3rd-5th Grade

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Stories teach children what they should and should not do in a specific situation, such as, understanding what might be okay to say out loud vs. what one should keep in their "thought bubble."

To further support students, I have created Social Skills Stories & Activities. Social Skills Stories & Activities combine a story with skill building activities, to help support the skill(s) taught and promote generalization.

Why is this helpful?

Some children have a difficult time keeping hurtful thoughts in their "thought bubble" vs. speaking them out loud.

But what are hurtful thoughts and how do we know if something will hurt someone else's feelings?

This can be a very complex perspective taking concept that many children need to have explicitly taught, to understand it fully.

This story and accompanying activities with are a great way to help children understand a difficult social skill in a fun and non-threatening way.

Included Please Find:  47 Pages

> Story: Color Version {great for the classroom}

> Skill Builder Activities {3 activities to support the concept}

> Coloring Book Companion {black/white story, great to send home for generalization}

> Animated PowerPoint {great for Distance Learning}

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