My Thought Bubble Thoughts || For 3rd-5th || SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDER

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SOCIAL STORIES are a great way to teach important skills to children who are struggling to understand a particular social concept such as keeping certain thoughts in your THOUGHT BUBBLE.

Social stories use clear, concise language to break down information into small, explicit steps that help children understand what they should or should not do in a given situation.

But reading a story is only doing part of the job. Students need to build skill in the area of challenge as well. Without the skill, the story can not be used to it's fullest potential.

This SOCIAL STORY SKILL BUILDER will help children who have a difficult time keeping upsetting or hurtful thoughts in their THOUGHT BUBBLE.

Why is this helpful?

Some children have a difficult time keeping hurtful thoughts in their "thought bubble" vs. speaking them out loud. But what are hurtful thoughts and how do we know if something will hurt someone else's feelings? This can be a very complex perspective taking concept and many children benefit from explicit teaching to understand it fully.

This social story and accompanying activities with are a great way to help children understand a difficult social skill in a fun and non-threatening way.

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"Love this and my students do too!" -Simone

"my kids loved this story!" -Breanna

"Amazing! Absolutely perfect. Easy to understand - I use it in conjunction with a "think it or say it" game I created." -Buyer


Included Please Find:  30 Pages

3 Covers To Chose From: Male Only, Female Only, Male and Female
5 Page Social Story and Poster

Skill Builder Activities 1

Thought Bubble Thoughts

Speech Bubbles Scenarios

Speak It or Think Tt Scenarios


Skill Builder Activity 2

Student Mini Book {handy to keep in desk or notebook for quick reference}


Skill Builder Activity 3

Student Coloring Book {great for student to follow along and color in for added fun and learning}

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