SOCIAL STORY + ACTIVITY~ Personal Space {For 3rd-5th Grade or Ability Level}

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Social Stories are a great way to teach children skills that they are finding challenging. Social Stories break skills down into small, manageable steps, teaching children what they should do and not do in a specific social situation such as PERSONAL SPACE.

This is a social story written to help children who have difficulty understanding and keeping personal space. What is good personal space and why is it important? How do we keep good personal space? This story is great to read frequently to the student who is often invading other's personal space. 

{This is the same story that is in the product: Good Personal Space Or Too Close}

As with all of my products, I am more than happy to modify this story for you. Perhaps you would like a child's name in the story, or a photo, the name of the child's school, or teacher? Just contact me in the Q and A section and let me know what you would like!


Included please find:

About Teacher Authors
Thank You
Clip Art Credit

Social Story
Activity Pages
Visuals: Good Personal Space / Too Close

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